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The Seine River is a popular river in France. It is commonly referred to as The River of Paris. It rises at Source Seine, flows through Paris and empties into the English Channel at Le Havre and Honfleur on the left bank. The Seine river bank is lined up with historical monuments such as The Cathedral of Notre-Dame, the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum.

There are many beautiful sights to see and things to do to see along the Seine River in Paris.

Some of the things to do at the Seine River include taking a boat cruise on the river. You can also head to the Eiffel Tower and see the awesome view of Seine River from the top of the tower. Another interesting thing to do near the Siene river is to visit Ponts des Arts (Arts Bridge). In times past, people used to put padlocks on the bridge railings and toss the key into the water with the belief that it would make their love last forever. Join Johnny Jung Jung on his travels around the world!

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