Johnny Jung jung children's picture books are jam-packed with exciting adventures, suspense, information, facts and figures about different places around the world

Johnny Jung Jung books are educational, entertaining and FUN, making children more knowledgeable about the world in which they live as well as encouraging them to read.


Johnny Jung Jung's combination of full color graphic illustration and breathtaking photography is aimed at catching the attention of kids while keeping them excited about reading and learning at the same time.


Read these books to your children and watch their eyes light up and their imaginations run wild as they learn about the world around them! Johnny Jung Jung loves adventure and teaching kids about new places. Join Johnny Jung Jung today and you'll love the quality time you get to spend with your kids as they explore the world! 

How Johnny Jung Jung Was Created

Born in Lima, Peru, Eduardo Barandiaran moved to Miami, FL, with his family while in his teens. He studied graphic design at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, started a career in commercial design, and exhibited oil paintings in galleries around Miami's design district. Always a fan of comic books and graphic novels, he created the Johnny Jung Jung series in 2018. A combination of photography and illustration, Johnny Jung Jung Goes Sailing was the first book published in the series.


Eduardo Barandiaran wanted high quality original photography for his books, and contacted Miami based freelance photographer Silvana Aguilera. They combined Eduardo's writing and illustration abilities with her photography to create the Johnny Jung Jung book series. Eduardo also called on Oskar Hübner Thorne, his childhood friend and photographer extraordinaire, for more original photography needed for the new and awesome Johnny Jung Jung book series. No stock photography is ever used.


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